Auckland District Law Society Standard Lease Agreement

Is the proposed activity authorized by the applicable zoning rules? Most standard rental agreements leave this directly in the tenant`s corner. Does each party bear its own costs related to the negotiation and conclusion of the lease? This is a critical clause, as it binds the parties to a document (the latest edition of the ADLS lease agreement) that the parties may not have checked. You may not be familiar with the terms of an ADLS rental agreement and many people do not understand and have not been advised on the rights and obligations of the ADLS. The Auckland District Law Society`s standard rental company, which is the go-to contract for domestic renters, has a crucial clause introduced in 2012 following the impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on commercial tenants. Note, however, that custom or obsolete leases (before 2012 ADLS) may not include this clause. Auckland District Law Society published in November 2012 its 6th revised edition of the 2012 Declaration of Lease. This means that the rent can be negotiated. If we consider that the result should determine a fair share. In the current circumstances, a 50/50 share of the rent could normally be a starting point and negotiate from there. Remember that the best interest of the owners will be to take care of the tenant, because under the circumstances there will undoubtedly be businesses that will fail without help, and therefore the owners are faced with the prospect of empty premises. Even if your lease is before 2012 or tailor-made, that doesn`t mean there`s no argument to make.