Changing Maintenance Agreements

FLAC also operates an information and transfer line during business hours for basic legal information. Information on maintenance can be found on the FlaC website. Assuming that the interview is subject to modifications (for example: There is no prohibition on modification in the separation agreement), the legal obligation to change the alimony is „evidence of modified circumstances that are so essential and persist that the conditions are abusive”. S.C.R. 14-10-122 (1) (a). Each party must disclose their finances to the court and the judge will consider all the circumstances of the family when establishing a support order. The main problem with a maintenance mission is that it is inherently uncertain. As mentioned above, it may vary if the income or financial situation of one of the parties changes. Neither party can control what happens in the other`s life (or, to a lesser extent, in its own life!) so it may feel a bit like you`re getting the rug taken under your feet in the short term. The banking crisis of the late zero years and the subsequent slowdown, from which some sectors have not yet fully recovered, led to layoffs, bonus cuts, wage cuts and a decline in corporate profits. Requests for changes to maintenance orders that have been made in better times will have been an undesirable by-product of this turn of events for many people who receive a regular income.

It works both ways; The person receiving support may have suffered a decline in their own income and cannot survive without increased payments. From a practical point of view, maintenance is almost always changed retroactively to the date of registration, without another date being negotiated as part of a transaction.. . . .