Sap Business One 9.3 Blanket Agreement

So what we have here is a budget of 50. I see that we have already consumed $3480, and we have an open balance of it. I can then go to the documents and I can see the documents, and I can see the documents that were signed on that balance and that had no indication that we had any different points here, but since we referred to the overall agreement, we are removing that budgeted value. Another way to set them up in the system. It`s pretty complete. Some options exist and hopefully with these options, you can get the right result in your system. So I`m going to end this, because the next part I want to talk about is a lump sum deal. It always shows you the available stock. But then you can drive things like the provision and use lump sum agreements as a source of supply and demand, so it`s a very good area of the system to look at to see if it will apply to your system. A customer can view all available sales contract details by clicking on the details. So that`s the overall agreement. So I can then enter BMX again, another type of BMX bike that we have set up in the system, so I have a Marley BMX type bike, it`s $900 and it`s taken from this lump sum deal. If I change the crowd, we`ll just get out of this lump sum deal, and it`ll be tested.

So I have this comprehensive agreement here. And what I did was put in place a package agreement for BMX bikes for Blue Zoom. Above, I tell you who the client is, then on the right, I have the agreement to germinate where there are two that I will guide you through both, but this will be the article method. Then I have the start and end date of this agreement. A main menu entry called CRM has been added to allow for quick entry into all commercial products related to customer relationship management. Ceiling agreements are available in both Sales – A/R – and Purchasing – A/P modules and can be used as the basis for revenue forecasts, quantity reservations and hardware needs planning (MRP). From there, I will go into a client that I have already set up [inaudible 00:09:19] just to tell you the relationship between the customer and this price list. So I have this client video here. Things you know, I hope, behind a partner. But today I only want to focus on payment terms, and we have a field called the price list.

So we have this agreement here. It represents the year 2018, year. I have the signing date because I ended up unsubscribing. And then we have to do things like give a description. And it makes their life easier if you apply items to an order to understand what lump sum agreement is applied. You can have multiple framework agreements assigned to a debitor or supplier, so just be careful with that descriptor. Just to make sure that z.B apply the right framework agreement to a sales order. The next thing I`m going to go through is the powerful forks we have on the right. So if I do it in strong ranges, then I see that price of $228 with that three percent discount.

And then I put $221.16 on the order, and I have this source of price. So, again, special prices for a business partner pass, so it tells me that information. The first area I will address is special pricing. So this is the first step in the hierarchy, and a method of access is simply to be with the indicated business partner, to click right on the business partner, and here you have an option called special pricing for business partners.